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Unleash the Power of Web 3.0 with us: Where Design, Development, Launch, and Scalability Meet Success. Our Validated Economies, Advanced Tools, and Expert Consulting and Advisory Solutions Make Sure Your Web 3.0 Ventures Hit the Bullseye!

The Problem-Solution Compass: Navigating through Complexity

We delve into various problem-solving frameworks and techniques that can help individuals and organizations find effective solutions.

Research Insights into Blockchain's Challenges and Opportunities

77% of surveyed executives cited a lack of blockchain talent as a significant challenge for their organizations in building and expanding offerings
– Deloitte’s 2020 Global Blockchain Survey
37% of game developers considered in-game economies to be the most important part of their games design – IDGA Survey Results 2019 Developer Tools and Platform Resources
39% of investors believe that advisory and due diligence including project evaluations are very valuable if given by experts whom understand the market – Deloitte’s 2020 Global Blockchain Survey
ONLY 23% of senior executives had a strong understanding of blockchain technology – Deloitte’s 2020 Global Blockchain Survey

92% of blockchain projects are using economic modelling of creating token economics, but not leveraging a real business plan to determine viablity
– PwC’s Global Blockchain Survey 2021

46% of investors believe that being able to manage and utilize proper security and risk management capabilities help in trusting a company to build solutions and value to the survivability of projects through , strong governance is essential for blockchain adoption, as it provides investors with confidence that the technology is being used ethically and effectively – PwC’s Global Blockchain Survey 2021

Who we serve

rocketship startups

Web 3.0 Start-Ups and Scale-Ups

Get up and running quickly and build enduring value through strategic branding and communications. We offer a full-service, plug-and-play marketing solution to meet all your branding, marketing, growth hacking, social media and editorial needs.

Global Impact

Established Web 3.0 Players

Maximize the impact and cost effectiveness of your marketing spend. Understand how your brand is perceived and its inconsistencies. Identify the sweet spot for your brand positioning. Discover the optimal way to reach your target audiences across all touchpoints.

Explore Tokens

Traditional Brands & Agencies

Explore the Web3 space with expert strategic and creative guidance. Create Web3, blockchain, metaverse or NFT initiatives that are relevant to your brand and business and go beyond the hype.


Economic Audit

While we define variables for our clients as well as help them test their results and identify if there is any inconsistency, economic modelling would give our clients hands-on experience on the operations that are performed while designing the architecture of the project’s ecosystem.

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Your ideas, your visions are shaped by demystifying complex protocols, sculpting robust strategies, and empowering your transformation journey in the decentralized digital landscape.

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RWA Tokenization

Transform tangible assets into tradable digital tokens with our real-world asset tokenization service, unlocking new investment opportunities.

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0-1, or 1-10 build?

Transform tangible assets into tradable digital tokens with our real-world asset tokenization service, unlocking new investment opportunities.

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Research & Development

It is quite hard for startups, investors, solopreneurs and SMEs to source the research and development needed to transition into web3 or implement their novel ideas.

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About us

Since 2013, W3b Partners has navigated the ever-changing landscape of blockchain and web3 technologies. From Bitcoin’s initial dominance to the excitement of Smart Contracts, ICOs, DApps, DEFI, the Metaverse, NFTs, and the push for Interoperability – we’ve been at the forefront, witnessing incredible products come to market and identifying the causes of spectacular failures.

Our insights have revealed that most project failures stem from one of two areas:

  1. A promising business idea without sufficient understanding of how crypto markets function.
  2. A well-crafted technological product built by a skilled technical team but lacking in experience in business management, community growth, functional economy development, or fund management.

W3b Partners is uniquely positioned to bridge these gaps, with world-class experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are not merely trend followers; we strive to find the ideal market fit for projects or investments, evolving beyond mere observation as seasoned problem-solvers committed to creating real-world solutions.

Join us on this exciting journey. With W3b Partners, you’re choosing a team that knows the terrain, comprehends both sides of the equation, and stands ready to guide you to success.

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